by Nightair

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released November 16, 2015



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Nightair California

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Track Name: The Roses
Verse 1
You can criticize my love
Or you can open up your mind
You're always in a rush
As if taking time the crime.
Even in your world
It's okay to try for yourself
You're not alone in your stealth
So there it is unfurled
Take your pick from what's mine
It's your time

Hey Statue Boy
Forget the ploys
And smell the roses

Verse 2
Though you've been taken in with love
You still feel like you're wasting your time
Acceptance isn't enough, baby you need excitement to fly
Cuz even in your world
It's okay to let go once in a while
You might leave with a smile
And I know I said "I told ya so"
I should've thought twice before I let you go your own way
But oh man...
I don't know
Track Name: Clouds (I'm Alright!)
(Verse 1)
We started off nice
Until my soul turned to ice
The cynicism
Just teenagism
And inside I'm pissed
Because how on earth do you exist
Beyond the scope of my mind?
Others are just in denial

You're not really as simple as they made you out to be
Something much more nebulous that no one really could perceive
I am the big man

And I'm alright
I'm okay
I'm alright
I'm okay

(Verse 2)
And now I search for the cure
But others say that I'm immature
But what is mature?
A mold that lovers endure
And inside I'm pissed
Because how the hell do you exist
Beyond the scope of my mind
Others are just in denial
Track Name: Supernova
Verse 1
So this is how it goes
We burn until we glow
And then we supernova
But we've been together so long
And I thought that we were so strong
But those times are over

I know everybody said ooh la la
She's gonna last for so long
But who can think about love
When all you do is count stuff
Minutes and seconds
Fuck it, forget it.

Tonights the last night
Let's make it the best night
We'll put on a show
Just follow me to the dance floor

Verse 2
When you said no I said don't go
but the you I knew is there no more.
Do we talk about it?

I know, everybody said ooh la la
She's only gonna bite for so long
But that's okay my little darlin'
You're tearing out the garden
Track Name: Waiting for Rain
Verse 1
There’s nowhere left to run
We had our time in the sun
This no longer can go on
We’re fooling ourselves we were strong
And we bend so much just to break
But more than just you is at stake
And time after time, its fake
We no longer can relate

Seems like we’re waiting for rain
Seems like we’re just waiting for rain
Like we’re waiting for rain
Waiting for rain

Verse 2
I’m always so wrong
But how can you be right for so long?
Ice-water pumps through my veins
But now it doesn’t feel so strange
I savor escape up ahead
But when I wake up the poisons haunting my head
And I wish it was dead
Track Name: Blackshirt
Verse 1
So all the boys drank Tacate
And all the girls dreamt of boys with Maserati's
And though the whole crew was known to be a little sloppy
They had no shame when they pulled up in their jalopies

Why'd you have to go
Why couldn't you stay
'Cause it wasn't true anyway
Why don't you stay?
No one even had to know
What you couldn't say
'Cause it wasn't true anyway
Why don't you stay?

Verse 2
So all the boys did Pilates
And all the girls dropped their candy flavored glosses
Through their tears the boys felt emasculated
The meeting with the girls left them a little bit jaded
Singin' to her - go head-